Monitor Me

BBC 2 Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 12th August 2013, 21:00
Duration: 58:04
Horizon explores the boom in health-related apps and gadgets, as well as how technology is helping medical professionals monitor fitness and health in unprecedented ways.

Clips from this programme

Introduction: Computers and Health: Technology is helping medical professionals monitor fitness and health - Dr Kevin Fong

Duration: 01:44

Portable Health Monitoring Equipment on the medical frontline (London Air Ambulance)

Duration: 03:43

Personal Health Monitoring Equipment (GPS trackers, Heart rate monitors, pedometers) from sports shops to personal health care (Blaine Price - The Open University), brain activity, cardiac rhythm, posture, eating behaviour, via Apps on Smartphones and tablets, Visual measurement with Smartphone and tablet Apps for Heart Rate and breathing rate from colour changing in the face

Duration: 05:04

Testing health self-monitoring Apps: Pt 1- Out in this busy world (Blaine Price - The Open University), Pam Brightman, Cathy Gowling and Celia Walker

Duration: 03:56

Computers and Health: Self-monitoring for Rugby Team physical performance, injury prevention and health prediction (Brett Davinson-Head of Physical Performance)

Duration: 04:10

Testing health self-monitoring Apps: Pt 2- The first results coming in

Duration: 02:40

Computers & Health: Self-monitoring in California (Dr Eric Topol - Scripps Health). Using your smart phone for your own cardiogram, personal blood-glucose levels. Doctors Prescribing Apps for health care, and spotting symptoms 'before it is too late' (e.g. preventing heart or asthma attacks)

Duration: 05:28

Computers & Health: Measuring our sleep patterns

Duration: 02:42

Computers & Health: Spotting medical conditions by self-monitoring (Weight, steps, sleep, saliva, urine, stools) (Professor Larry Smarr-UCLA, computing network pioneer). Enzyme, proteins, minerals, cholesterol, microbes ... Billions of different measurements, 150 different variables helped spot crohns disease early - Preventative medicine from data

Duration: 06:40

Testing health self-monitoring Apps: Pt 3- 1 week in, 10,000 steps? Changing behaviour?

Duration: 02:22

Computers & Health: Self-monitoring mind and body from apparently trivial data from our smartphones (Professor Alex "Sandy" Pentland-MIT Media Lab) - Depression, socialisation, post traumatic disorder? Change of activities signatures when getting the flu, Pandemic spread monitoring and avoidance are possible--Privacy Issues

Duration: 06:50

Mining data for human health in the future: e.g. Brittany Wenger and her breast cancer diagnostic program, a pattern learning neural network with 99% accuracy of detection of cancer patients for doctors

Duration: 05:43

Testing health self-monitoring Apps: Pt 4: Findings (Blaine Price - The Open University)

Duration: 04:56

End Titles

Duration: 00:31


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Monitor Me

First broadcast: 12th August 2013
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Horizon explores the boom in health-related apps and gadgets, as well as how technology is helping medical professionals monitor fitness and health in unprecedented ways.

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