Defeating the Hackers

BBC 2 Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 19th August 2013, 21:00
Duration: 58:42
Horizon explores the murky and fast-paced world of hackers who are out to steal money and identities, and meets the scientists joining forces to help defeat them.

Clips from this programme

Introduction-Scientists' most advanced computer in the universe taking on the Hackers, criminals and government eavesdropping

Duration: 01:52

Hacked!: Mat Honan (writer for Wired magazine) suffers from The Devious Hackers - A hacked iPhone and iPad both wanting passwords he didn't have, his whole digital life wiped out in 45 minutes -Why and How? Social engineering into all accounts, firstly via Amazon using a fake credit card to gain access to this account, then Apple, then Twitter- Teenagers!

Duration: 06:33

Sophisticated big gun Hackers: There will always be a way to hack you on the internet. Eric Chien & Liam O Murchu (Symantec), Stuxnet - a zero day exploit written in a code for programming logic controllers, global but also in Iran's nuclear centrifuge program. Nation to nation Cyber warfare

Duration: 08:21

Staying one step ahead of the Hackers - James Lyne (Sophos), the importance of encryption codes: Prime numbers combined give semi-primes, easy one way but not the other, so these keys are used for scrambling your online data via the RSA algorithm: A new form of Computer based on complex physics

Duration: 05:52

The Quantum Computer, super-position, used to crack the most complex (RSA) codes (Santa Barbara), super-cooled quantum processors making many calculations at the same time - The internet is broken, now?

Duration: 07:08

Quantum Physics for computers (Professor Seth Lloyd) and for securely protecting secrets via Quantum Cryptography (The observer effect make it provably secure) on photons of light

Duration: 04:42

Hacking via an 'inside job', infected computers, infected by 'unknown' (Dr Patrick Lincoln, SRI International) - Ultra Paranoid computing beyond fingerprint or retina images for ID (Daniel Sanchez and unconscious muscle memory for ID proof) Logon via a guitar! A New Hacking arms race in our digital lives

Duration: 07:14

Hacker's Workshop and connected devices (Barnaby Jack -IOActive). Wireless security, ATM cash machines for banks, accessible by the update facility

Duration: 06:31

Hacked infrastructure systems (Power stations, Transport Network, across the world)- The Cyber-range to emulate this with malware and vulnerabilities (Sean McGurk, Verizon): Removable media (USB Stick, say) can introduce malicious code into systems including Stuxnet and Iran, and beyond to 100, 000 machines

Duration: 09:07

Conclusions about codes and secrets in the digital world

Duration: 00:43

End Titles

Duration: 00:30


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Defeating the Hackers

First broadcast: 19th August 2013
Duration 58:42

Horizon explores the murky and fast-paced world of hackers who are out to steal money and identities, and meets the scientists joining forces to help defeat them.

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