The Age of Big Data

BBC 2 Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 4th April 2013, 21:00
Duration: 58:46
Horizon tests the limits of the data revolution, crime prediction in LA, financial formulas in the city of London and a South African attempt to catalogue the entire cosmos.

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Introduction-Testing the limits of the data revolution, crime prediction in LA, financial formulas in the city of London and a South African attempt to catalogue the entire cosmos: An explosion in data, more data in the last few year than in all of human history and it is being mined for Power

Duration: 01:34

Crime prediction in LA, LAPD using big data for crime prediction with a computer algorithm controlling their patrol, from the University of California (Professor Jeff Brantingham-UCLA showing human behaviour as predictable and repeatable, enabling prediction of crimes in the future). Mathematician George Mohler (Santa Clara University) for mathematical pattern analysis, starting with a model already in use for earthquake aftershock prediction, adapted this for predicting crime. Data mining for any data set, the complexity of the universe, the diversity of human behaviour, our personal data for medicine, advertising and high finance.

Duration: 15:01

The bubonic plague predictor and cause analysis: John Graunt (1620-1674) by mining the data from death records for hidden patterns, the founding father of statistics and epidemiology

Duration: 03:33

The human genome data Pt 1: The power of data mining in Modern Medicine (UCL-Professor Philip Beales) in the human genome for diagnosis and treatment of illness, revealing the genetic basis of many diseases

Duration: 03:30

The commodity of data in money: High Finance and trading floors (Scientist David Harding of Winton) Prediction of prices via mathematics and data analysis & mining and computer algorithms. Using Coffee sales as an example to explain the process of prediction from Big Data - 40 TeraBytes of data at Winton

Duration: 10:39

Use Personal Data for Advertising-The fastest growing data set 2.5 billion gigabyte per day, and this data is valuable (Mike Baker - DataXu) for predictive advertising from data mining into the mass of our data quickly, with collaboration from MIT (Dr Bill Simmons) who were working on NASA's Mars manned mission (narrowing down the 35 billion mission options via Decision Theory and an algorithm- illustrated by a supermarket shopping example) - targeted marketing

Duration: 09:25

Predictive and Personalised Medicine: Use of Personal Data for life saving applications: Predicting life-threatening conditions (e.g. Atrial fibrillation) from big data trails and mining from, say, mobile phone use

Duration: 03:02

The human genome data Pt 2: Use of Personal Data for personal medicine from the human genome from our birth, the biggest data set, to isolate genes that are responsible for disease (UCL-Professor Philip Beales) - Genetic Diagnosis from our DNA data and the other 99% of this we have not diagnosed yet

Duration: 02:42

Big Data and Astronomy - The biggest data from the billions of stars and galaxies, finding patterns and the secrets of the universe and predicting its future with new tools. A vast Radio telescope array will bring much more data (30 Terabyte of data per second, soon) needing pattern analysis of this data for finding the secrets of the universe

Duration: 08:05

The Data Revolution, Big Data and Data Mining - Summary

Duration: 00:39

End Titles

Duration: 00:28


The Age of Big Data

First broadcast: 4th April 2013
Duration 58:46

Horizon tests the limits of the data revolution, crime prediction in LA, financial formulas in the city of London and a South African attempt to catalogue the entire cosmos.

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