The Trojan Mouse

Retrospective on the Project

BBC1 Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 5th April 1992, 10:30
Duration: 29:16
A special programme marking a decade of the BBC Computer Literacy Project. Ten years ago the BBC embarked on an ambitious project to help ordinary people to come to terms with the micro-computer revolution, which was making it possible for almost anyone to have their own computer. The effects of that project and the computer that it gave birth to are still reverberating, particularly in schools. Producer DAVE THOMAS

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Clips from this programme

Opening Titles

Duration: 00:28

Mac Introduces the program

Duration: 00:18

Mainframes, the temple of the old IT Age

Duration: 01:46

The Personal Computer arrives (BBC Micro used to control temperatures)

Duration: 00:33

What is Computer Literacy (Textile Designer using BBC Micro)

Duration: 01:32

First Electronic Computers (Pennsylvania footage)

Duration: 00:43

Now the Chips are Down' highlight

Duration: 00:58

Cambridge University Computer Society builds (Roger Wilson, Steve Furber), a Glued Computer kit

Duration: 01:24

1980 Sinclair ZX80, Oric etc leads to more Computers in UK than anywhere else, BBC Plans and 'The Computer Programme-1982'

Duration: 03:40

David Allen & John Radcliffe

Duration: 03:05

The BBC Micro and its build (Cambridge) (Roger Wilson, Steve Furber, Hermann Hauser) and the BBC's visit

Duration: 01:48

The BBC Micro 10 years on (Wembley show Vox Pops)

Duration: 01:22

Watford Electronics (Nazir Jessa)

Duration: 00:56

1 Millions BBC Computers Sold & 100 TV Programmes Made (Good examples across these Programmes)

Duration: 02:49

The business computers begin to dominate, and the home computer boom bust (Hermann Hauser)

Duration: 00:40

BBC Micro Survives via Computers in schools initiative (Anita Straker, MEP, the Joy of Colour) (Chris Evans-Head Techer St Andrews School, Cambridge)

Duration: 06:46

Home Computers used for games and by boys

Duration: 01:07

Computers in Secondary Schools BBC Micros and 'next generation (Alastair Wells Head of I.T. Netherhall School Cambridge, Battle of the Somme Project)

Duration: 01:59

Computer Literacy Project beyond schools (Vicar example - Reverend Philip Foster, Archimedes DTP)

Duration: 02:12

Computer Literacy Project aims now with friendlier computers (PEN computer example)

Duration: 01:19

Closing Titles

Duration: 00:29