4. Kenneth Baker

Radio 4 Series 1 Episode 4
First broadcast 23rd August 2016, 09:00
Duration: 41:57

Historian Peter Hennessy asks senior politicians to reflect on their life and times. 4/4. Kenneth Baker: The former cabinet minister discusses his background and career. He was the I.T. man of Margaret Thatcher's government, and recalls the BBC Micro, the Computers into Schools initiative, and the Digital Revolution.

Clips from this programme

Opening + Introduction to Kenneth Baker - Life & Times

Duration: 01:01

Kenneth Baker-Pt1: Technical Education, Ted Heath

Duration: 16:59

Kenneth Baker-Pt2: Margaret Thatcher, The Economic Dining Club, Privatise Telecoms

Duration: 01:55

Kenneth Baker-Pt3: ONE COMPUTER IN EVERY SCHOOL, The I.T. Man, Computing VLSI, Logica, supporting robotics, the Paperless Office, The BBC Micro ( Margaret Thatcher)

Duration: 01:49

Kenneth Baker-Pt4: Margaret Thatcher, Education

Duration: 01:17

Kenneth Baker-Pt5: Margaret Thatcher, Education, Computers into schools

Duration: 01:11

Kenneth Baker-Pt6: Technical Education, Computers into schools, the Digital Revolution, problem solving, Technical Colleges

Duration: 03:49

Kenneth Baker-Pt7: Poll Tax, John Major, Europe, the rich & poor

Duration: 09:30

Kenneth Baker-Pt8: Technical Education, the Digital Revolution, DAVOS, automation, Job losses. A.I., automated trucks

Duration: 02:02

Kenneth Baker-Pt9: His trace, Books, education, cartoons

Duration: 02:15


Duration: 00:06