Steve Jobs

Billion Dollar Hippy

BBC 2 Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 14th December 2011, 21:00
Duration: 59:06
Evan Davis decodes the formula that took Apple from suburban Californian garage to global supremacy, telling the story of Steve Jobs's rise, fall and triumphant rise again

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Introduction - Steve Jobs' life, taking Apple from a garage to global supremacy (Evan Davis)

Duration: 01:36

Steve Jobs: Apple's marketing template: The Apple Macintosh Launch in 1984, an easy to use computer (Mike Murray-Former Head of Marketing, Apple Macintosh), 'The Times are a changing'. Apple versus IBM domination, The 1984 Macintosh Advert (Rita Clifton, Chairman, Interbrand UK)(Andrew McGuiness, Former European head, Apple's ad Agency), iPad launch 2011

Duration: 03:57

The 1984 Macintosh Advert, an Apple defining moment

Duration: 00:28

Steve Jobs: From Mac to iPad, a Steve Jobs vision from a Californian counter-culture: Technology changing the world plus a Hippy culture. Adopted, Santa Clara Valley=Silicon Valley (Daniel Kottke, Friend of Steve Jobs), Bob Dylan tapes, 'Be Here Now', trips to India & LSD and a commune. Home Electronics is good. (Stewart Brand, Founder, Whole Earth Catalog)

Duration: 03:42

Steve Jobs: Home electronics, working at HP, the Altair 8800, Steve Wozniak (Co-founder, Apple Computer), a breakout game, Homebrew Computer Club (Robert X. Cringely (Former Apple employee number 12), the Apple I computer, first setting up the company

Duration: 04:46

Steve Jobs: Steve Wozniak's Apple II computer, colour graphics, a new personal computer industry (Lennon / McCartney), Apple goes public, money men appear. Competition in 1981 (The new IBM PC advert) needed a serious executive (John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple) 'Sell sugar water or change the world?'

Duration: 03:57

Steve Jobs: Keeping Apple alive after the Apple II: The Macintosh, a pleasure to use (Andy Hertfeld, Former Macintosh software designer): WIMP, Mouse, Icons, pull down menus: The Palo Alto Xerox research division (Larry Tesler, Former Xerox PARC Scientist), the Office of the Future, the pointing device, the Mouse & Icons (Dean Hovey, Designer of Apple mouse)

Duration: 04:41

Steve Jobs: The Mac development, The beauty of simplicity, his home, desire for aesthetic beauty (Lord Foster, Architect of new Apple HQ) Share price tumble, relations with Bill Gates (Mike Murray, Former Head of Marketing, Apple Macintosh), Microsoft Windows 1 for the PC

Duration: 03:27

Steve Jobs: The intuitive Apple Macintosh is launched (Stephen Bayley, Co-founder, Design Museum)(Stephen Fry, Writer and broadcaster), poor sales numbers. Steve Jobs vs John Sculley, Steve steps down from Apple

Duration: 05:07

Steve Jobs: Severed from Apple, Cube computer launch, NeXT, inter-personal computing (Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Creator, World Wide Web WWW) (Toy Story - Pixar Animation) (Alvy Ray Smith, Co-founder, Pixar), Microsoft Windows dominant now, Apple in trouble (Steve Chazin, Former Sales and Marketing Executive, Apple), Jobs back with Apple via Next (Avie Tevanian, Senior Apple Executive, 1997-2006)

Duration: 04:31

Steve Jobs: Restoring Apple's values, sacking and killing off products such as the Newton PDA, the Think Different advert, Apple 1998

Duration: 01:50

The 'Think Different' advert, Apple 1998

Duration: 00:45

Steve Jobs: The iMac: Apple's new product with design centre-stage (Jonathan Ive) and easy internet connection, design, style and substance

Duration: 04:24

Steve Jobs: The iPod: Apple's next new product, the mp3 music player (Avie Tevanian, Senior Apple executive, 1997-2006) (Andrew McGuiness, Former European head, Apple's ad agency)(Sir Martin Sorrel, Chief Executive, WPP)(Paul Vidich, Warner Music Group)

Duration: 04:07

Steve Jobs: The Apple Store (Rita Clifton, Chairman, Interbrand UK) with patented glass stairs, a 'Temple'

Duration: 02:03

Steve Jobs: Content is key, file sharing, Napster (Steven Levy, Senior writer, WIRED), the major music labels sign up to iTunes

Duration: 04:25

Steve Jobs: His private life, 2005: Pancreatic cancer, 'don't waste your time living someone else's life'

Duration: 01:25

Steve Jobs: The iPhone: Apple's next new product (Charles Dunstone, CEO, Carphone Warehouse) with Apps, then the iPad, the money keeps rolling in, the future Apple

Duration: 02:32

Steve Jobs: A summary & private life: Pancreatic cancer, alternative therapies didn't help, death at age 56. 'Stay hungry, Stay foolish'

Duration: 02:09

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