Tomorrow's World

Computers in the 60s

BBC 4 Collection Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 5th February 1969, 18:40
Duration: 19:24

A compilation of Tomorrow's World features looking at how computers were in the sixties and what they might become.

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Clips from this programme

Opening Titles

Duration: 00:23

Office of the Future: First broadcast: 16 April 1969 .James Burke becomes an executive in a futuristic office where the role of a secretary has been usurped by an automated robot. Scanner

Duration: 03:05

Nellie: School Computer: First broadcast: 5 February 1969: Forest Grammar School in Berkshire's computer- solves mathematical equations, plays music. Lessons also include computer maintenance, delay line storage, noughts and crosses game, punched tape

Duration: 07:18

Europe's first Home Computer Terminal: First broadcast: 20 September 1967: (Derek Cooper investigates), Rex Malik (industrial consultant): An electric typewriter, sends and receive messages, update his diary and check his bank balance from a central 'brain'. Even his four-year-old son Nicholas can use it.

Duration: 02:56

Auto Secretary: First Broadcast: 20 September 1967: A new system to help deal with business correspondence (Derek Cooper investigates)

Duration: 02:58

Digital Drawing Board: First Broadcast: 16 April 1969: Derek Cooper examines innovations in mechanical design engineering (CAD, Computer Aided Design), punched tape, light pen, hard disc

Duration: 02:22

End Credit

Duration: 00:05