The Joy of Data


BBC 4 Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 20th July 2016, 21:00
Duration: 59:14
Exploration of THE word of our age - data - with mathematician Hannah Fry. What is data? How is it stored, shared, made sense of? And what does data reveal about us and the world?

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Introduction - Exploration of THE word of our age - data - with mathematician Hannah Fry. What is data? How is it stored, shared, made sense of? And what does data reveal about us and the world?

Duration: 02:12

Mathematician Hannah Fry and Data: Wikipedia link patterns, 95% pages linking to Philosophy, a hidden mathematical structure in Data: Everything is underpinned by data.

Duration: 06:06

Cow data from Pedometers (James Wright, Dairy Farmer), prime time for insemination

Duration: 00:51

Every industry now relies on data: Professor Luciano Floridi (Philosopher, University of Oxford): What is data that leads to Information and then Knowledge and wisdom

Duration: 01:57

The Age of Data, the industrial revolution (William Farr, founder of medical statistics) (Dr Aileen Fyfe, Historian), Somerset House processed census data such as life expectancy, Cholera causes and control

Duration: 06:34

Managing storing and processing Data from the turn of the last century - Punched cards for data sorting by the 1950, LEO and J Lyons tea shops' business computer (Archive material), employees (Frank Land, Mary Coombs, Derek Jolly, Paul J. Dixon)

Duration: 04:26

Better data storage and processing Data processing in Post-war years (Magnetic tape and discs). New challenges and many uses of the word, Data Professor Luciano Floridi (Philosopher, University of Oxford)

Duration: 01:16

Data underpins all human communication - Claud Shannon's (Bell Communications) theoretical framework for data communication (Mouse in maze), data encryption, noisy telephone lines (Analog to digital conversion A>D, bits). Bits: 1s and 0s

Duration: 04:42

Shannon Information mathematics for data compression, e.g. probabilities of following letters: Shannon Entropy

Duration: 04:08

Everything can be encoded as data (Dr Simon Dedeo, Complexity Scientist, Santa Fe Institute), quantifying a signal. Analysis of the proceedings of the Old Bailey data set (Professor Tim Hichcock, Historian, University of Sussex), the civilising process revealed

Duration: 05:13

NPL: The National Physical Laboratory: (ACE, Alan Turing) and Sharing data from individual Computers used for encoding storage and analysis of data: Donald Davies (Roger Scantlebury, Computer Scientist, NPL 1955-1977), inventors of a prototype computer network: Packet Switching for data on a high speed data network

Duration: 03:39

Packet Switching for data demonstration with volunteers at NPL, Packet Switching for Internet & picture transmission

Duration: 03:58

Internet Access now, the Internet of Things (IoT): Bristol City's, open, smart data-sharing connectivity experiment (Professor Dave Cliff, Computer Scientist, University of Bristol), air quality monitoring (Stephen Hilton, Director, Bristol Futures), Cloud Computing, attitudes to big data use

Duration: 08:16

Cloud Computing used for big data processing from big online computer companies

Duration: 01:23

Attitudes to big data use, civil liberties, transparency, Sphere Health care

Duration: 03:19

Sphere Health care: Big personal data collection in the home for health in Bristol (3D video, body position, motion sensors), 2 Petabytes of data to be made sense of. Computers trained to look for patterns in behaviour, keeping us healthy in real-time

Duration: 07:09

Conclusions, machine or artificial intelligence (AI) with big data to work on, shaping our futures: The real Joy of Data

Duration: 02:17

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