The 80s with Dominic Sandbrook

2. Under Pressure

BBC 2 Series 1 Episode 2
First broadcast 11th August 2016, 21:00
Duration: 58:27

Dominic Sandbrook looks at technological change, the microchip and Margaret Thatcher's Nation of Young Programmers of the 1980s. Contains language which may offend.

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The 80s: Introduction: The early 1980 and a Tide of Change, Invasion of streets, hearts & minds + Japanese Space Invaders in Video Games' Arcades, Morals of the young and State of the Nation, AIDS, racism, Falkland's, The shock of the new

Duration: 03:25

The 80s: Argentina, The Falkland's

Duration: 07:14

The 80s: Mary Whitehouse, The VCR, Video Cassettes (1982), Go Video, Cannibal Holocaust, Video Recorders, choice of viewing, video nasties

Duration: 07:34

The 80s: The Miner's Strike, the Coal Board, Arthur Scargill, Margaret Thatcher

Duration: 05:46

The 80s: Technological Change, the microchip, Margaret Thatcher's Nation of Young Programmers, Sir Keith Joseph memo, the computer industry-a special case, computers into schools-Acorn Computing & BBC Micro as an educational tool, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, games or programming, GTA, Grand Theft Auto, Home Computers, Hugo, then the UK boom fades to American models

Duration: 05:38

The 80s: USA Products, MacDonald's, Regan & Thatcher's special relationship, The Metro Centre, the American consumerist dream

Duration: 06:06

The 80s: AIDS, (Horizon), Norman Fowler (Health Secretary), Dianna, Princess of Wales

Duration: 07:54

The 80s: Gay Men & Women, sexual tolerance, Ethnic Minorities, The Looney Left, The GLC, Ken Livingstone, Baa Baa Black Sheep, diversity, sporting heroes (Daley Thompson) (Tessa Sanderson) (Frank Bruno)

Duration: 08:42

The 80s: Margaret Thatcher- The Brighton bombing, 'democracy will prevail'

Duration: 03:52

The 80s: Conclusions, Margaret Thatcher- The Brighton bombing; What if, isolation was over

Duration: 01:23

The 80's: Next time

Duration: 00:14

End Titles & Credits

Duration: 00:30