The BBC Computer Literacy Project Archive

Under the Bonnet

FlyingPigsoft Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 9th April 2018, 10:00
Duration: 07:13
Steve Lowry started building and curating the Computer Literacy Project Archive back in 2015 - Since then, he has not only defined but also provided text for thousands of clips, as well as creating a system of navigable themes for the archive. He continues to develop the archive which is the source of the data used on this site. This short video looks at this, Steve's PC & Microsoft Excel-based archive database, what it contains, what it can do, and a look 'under the bonnet' of the BBC Computer Literacy Project Archive 'offline'.

Clips from this programme

As an introduction to this video about the Computer Literacy Project Archive: Opening Titles from many of the Computer Literacy Project Series - The core of this Archive Project.

Duration: 01:08

A guide to the main features of the BBC Computer Literacy Project Archive 'Offline' software and its curated CLP data.

Duration: 04:29

A brief tour 'under the bonnet' of this Archive, the curated data.

Duration: 01:22


Duration: 00:14