Radio 4: The Museum Of Curiosity

Coding Special

Radio 4 Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 10th September 2015, 18:30
Duration: 28:49
Coding Special: John Lloyd and Sarah Millican explore computing with comedian and mathematician Matt Parker, computer pioneer Eben Upton and illustrator and writer Sydney Padua.

Clips from this programme


Duration: 01:45

Guest: Illustrator and writer Sydney Padua : Ada Lovelace and Babbage Crime Fighting for Queen Victoria, Lord Byron, Analytical Engine, geeks and nerds, bugs, ENIAC, Women and computing

Duration: 04:27

Guest: Computer pioneer Eben Upton: Raspberry Pi, re-booting the inspiring machines from his youth, sky-diving with a Pi in Babbage the Bear

Duration: 04:32

Guest: Comedian and mathematician Matt Parker, Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Favourite Number, 10,000 Domino Circuits (AND gates) adding machine

Duration: 03:33

Donation from Sydney Padua: Babbage's steam-powered Analytical Engine (compared with the Difference Engine), a general purpose machine

Duration: 03:57

Donation from Eben Upton: BBC Microcomputer, dear to everyone's heart; Acorn computers, schools, TV Series, Jodrell Bank (2004) still using one, first computers, LOGO, Python, Tommy Flowers's advice

Duration: 04:32

Donation from Matt Parker: A Williams-Kilburn Tube-The first modern memory (developed in 1946), a TV screen with 32x32 dots or dashes refreshed every 0.2s, used in the Manchester Baby computer (Alan Turing), Museum of Science and Industry Manchester's re-build, Colossus plans burnt (Tommy Flowers), Bletchley Park secrecy

Duration: 04:19

Summing Up and thanks (Rick Cook: The Universe versus Idiots)

Duration: 00:35


Duration: 00:20

Make It Digital: Trails 4 Extra at Bletchley Park

Duration: 00:41