Visions of the Future

1. The Intelligence Revolution

BBC 4 Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast 5th November 2007, 21:00
Duration: 58:29
The Intelligence Revolution: Michio Kaku presents a look at the rise of artificial intelligence, explaining how creating robots with human-like intelligence may become possible.

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Clips from this programme

Introduction: Leading theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku shows how in this century Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to become as ubiquitous as electricity

Duration: 02:09

Masters of Intelligence computers and machines - Asimo. IBM 1401 compared with a mobile phone 300,000 times faster so we already have a smarter world,

Duration: 02:10

Smart cars and smart roads The self-steering self-drive car using laser sensors and gps with the power of just 8 desktop computers. Archive footage - (City of tomorrow) - Ubiquitous computing

Duration: 01:57

Ubiquitous computing (Paul Saffo, Stanford University), connected and embedded, invisible, networked

Duration: 02:37

Intelligent glasses connected to the internet (Google glasses prediction)

Duration: 00:58

Virtual Reality: Virtual dancing: Ubiquitous computing for all with machine intelligence changing our relationships with each other, 3D tele-immersion for virtual parties and virtual meetings and events: Virtual reality, Avatars in 'Second Life' having dates, then marrying in real life. Ray Kurzweil and Jaron Lanier comment, Professor Susan Greenfiled (University of Oxford) comments about multiple personalities, World of Warcraft the virtual world game for sanitised life

Duration: 12:16

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Intelligent machines and the human condition predictions (Archive footage). Narrow AI (Ray Kurzweil ) becoming broader into thinking machines - Superbot modular (polymorphic) robots (Dr Wei-Mim Shen, UCLA)

Duration: 03:28

Robots need Pattern Recognition and Hearing interpretation for intelligence: MIT object recognition skills for machines (Professor Tomaso Poggio)

Duration: 04:07

A walking robot: The relationship between man and Intelligent Machines. Honda's Asimo. The Japanese Robot Museum, Professor Susan Greenfiled (University of Oxford) about human interaction with robots (Marvin)

Duration: 06:48

Robots with emotions for higher intelligence to good and bad decisions ('A for Andromeda') - Professor Rosalind Picard (MIT), Ray Kurzweil, Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who. Laws for the more human and smarter robot who may develop their own agenda (Professor Marvin Minsky, MIT), Eliezer Yudkowski of the Singularity Institute for AI at Palo Alto re. Science fiction robots (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

Duration: 06:37

Merging our minds with machines, The Right Kind of Intelligent Machines and our own enhanced intelligence - both choices we have: The brain pacemaker implant (Dr Ali Rezai, Neuromodulation Centre, Cleveland Clinic) helped with a 3D brain scan, for Diane who became 'a whole new person'

Duration: 07:48

A memory chip brain implant, a vision chip, a thinking chip (Ray Kurzweil) by the 2040's. Professor Rodney Brooks (MIT) predicts more crossovers between people and robots. A hippocampus replacement chip (Dr John Granacki, UCLA) for humans. How many enhancements before we lose the sense of being human? The techno-haves and have-nots

Duration: 06:11

Summary: Becoming masters of our intelligence

Duration: 01:00

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Duration: 00:27